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Do not pay for a place in front of queues!

In an investigative expose’, a recent media article in The Rising Sun newspapers and online media investigated bribery and pay-to-queue acts at the Phoenix Post Office. The urgency of such criminality has led to the South African Post Office (Sapo) advising its customers not to pay self-appointed queue marshals a fee for a place in front of the queue when visiting their branches.

“Customers are advised not to pay the fee demanded by these queue marshals, and to report such incidents to the SAPS and to the Post Office branch in question”, the Post Office said on Wednesday.

These remarks come after Sapo become aware of instances where self-appointed queue marshals ask customers who visit their branches a fee for a place in the front of the queue. This appears to be the case particularly where large numbers of beneficiaries visit Post Office branches to collect their R350 COVID-19 relief grant.

“It should be noted that the Post Office does not have jurisdiction over the behaviour of members of the public outside Post Office property. Anybody who becomes aware of postal crime in any form may report it to the Post Office’s toll-free hotline on 0800 020 070,” the Post Office said. Customers of the Post Office are also requested to strictly observe the measures announced to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, such as the wearing of masks, sanitising and social distancing.

These measures are enforced on Post Office property. “Recipients of the R350 Covid-19 relief fund can also choose to have their grant paid into a Postbank account. Speak to your local post office branch if you would like to arrange this”, the Post Office said in a press release.