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What are you doing for Festive Season 2020?

The Rising Sun newspapers and online media polled various people on their festive season plans for a very different 2020 year-end, caught up in the second wave of COVID-19. The doom of the gloom is highly visible, often depressing, as many are simply resigning themselves to staying at home and minimal movement. But the most bemoaned factor is the minimized gatherings – to virtually none – and the festive partying usually associated with year-ending events. The stresses of a year’s worth of work just got more stressed!

Mr Lutchman Ramasarie, oThongathi: “I was housebound for most of 2020. This time of the year is no different. I will save money and no need for expensive items”.

Miss Schwensaariyaah Bhatt, Nuclear physicist, Indian foreign exchange intern at UKZN: “I am really sad as I miss my country and cannot go back now. Although it is safer in SA than India right now and I have my parents living with me here as well. I have become very friendly with local SA people and their hospitality is overwhelming. But I am praying for everyone’s recovery and safety. This festive season will be very homebound and I cannot go browsing the bazaars and malls as I did in SA, as I did last year”.

“Miss J Simeon, Oaklands: “Prayer heals. But the biggest change has been that I cannot attend church. And attendance on Christmas Day is so vital for us as Christians. But we are heeding the call and staying at home. Prayer is in the heart and we can pray anywhere”. Mr Zuyain Saleem, 5 years: “What I really want for 2020 is for my mummy to come home from the hospital. Then we can have a better new year”.

Mr Freddy Pillay, pensioner, 79, Phoenix: “For the first time in my life I have witnessed something that can change lives in a second. And stopped the world. This festive season, I hope that my children can come stay, even though I know that it is so dangerous. C for COVID-19, not Christmas”

Photo above Christmas COVID-19 curfews ...2020 and beyond