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Officers refuse bribe: Public Order Policing officers conducting operations in Phoenix received information about a driver in a vehicle that was delivering cigarettes around the Phoenix area. Surveillance eventually led to the discovery in Ringwood, Woodview. A stop-and-search order was executed and 10 cartons (400 cigarettes) of Pacific Blue and 2 cartons of Ds were seized.

The Rising Sun North Coast is a local community-based newspaper delivering the latest in community news, sport, galleries, events, entertainment and classifieds in Phoenix, the paper covers Phoenix, Ottawa, Verulam and Tongaat.


The Rising Sun North Coast was established in 1986 to fast track and project a visual niche into a community that required a free, for-the-community advertising-based newspaper. Its establishment sought to effectively balance the promotion of visual media and cutting-edge journalism.

The launch of the Avant Garde Rising Sun proves to be a long-awaited breath of fresh air in the print media. The response from the advertisers, industry and most importantly the readers, augured well beyond their expectations. In having established a major news platform, we have been careful not to just maintain, but also to strengthen The Rising Sun’s core principles.

The Rising Sun North Coast, was Established 1986 and has been independently owned since 1997 by Clive Lutchanna

Widely recognized as the next step in creative media, The Rising Sun’s media consultancy department has the design technology and skills resources to help business harvest the most economic potential from our services. In realizing this goal, adverts are selected and created to individualize client specifications. The Rising Sun recognizes the importance to mass advertising and is ideally positioned to promote companies in reaping their potential benefits.

With a weekly circulation of 60 000, The Rising Sun is a forte of high impact advertising in the Phoenix, Verulam, Tongaat, Ottawa and surrounding. The projected readership of over 240 000, is the key interface between advertisers and the readership growth market. In assessing The Rising Sun’s impact of advertising, a greater access to a larger and more lucrative market is afforded to both the advertiser and reader.

The Journalism department is a melting pot of cutting-edge journalism and news gathering, accredited with accolades for having made forays into credible news stories, the presentation of the truth is always a key factor. Staffed by sub editor, journalist, two intern journalist and correspondence writers, this nerve Center of information pulses on the reader. The Rising Sun’s journalism department covers ground-breaking news, community issues & up to date sports issue. Responsible journalism has propelled the newspaper to its current status.

Since the establishment of The Rising Sun, the growth phase of the North Coast has been phenomenal. As the most innovative and adaptive technological print media, The Rising Sun develops and extends the key interface between the buying public and companies promoting their services. With digital high resolution, and quality print ads, a brilliant news team, The Rising Sun is the most widely read “Free” community newspaper. That is a guarantee!